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Intelligent Manufacturing
Source:QUANZHOU YIXIN MCHINERY CO.,LTD | Date:2014-7-16 | Visits

"The state special efforts to support intelligent manufacturing continues to increase, the central budget in 2013 under the pressure of 5% -10%, based on the special grew by 25 percent," deputy director of the Ministry of Equipment Division Dong 2013 mechanized coal mining outfit intelligent systems Project, held September 11 in Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province, said acceptance would.

     Dong pointed out that intelligent manufacturing industry has become an inevitable trend of development and national economic development. Since the financial crisis, China's equipment manufacturing industry is facing severe challenges, being squeezed at both ends, Europe and other developed countries to return to the big manufacturing country, back to the real economy, the high-end products from the squeeze on the country. Meanwhile, China's rising labor costs, faced with the challenge of low-end products in emerging economies, especially Vietnam, India, Myanmar and other countries. Intelligent restructuring of China's equipment manufacturing became an important direction of the transformation and upgrading. In 2010 the State Council to vigorously foster strategic emerging industries, proposed the development of advanced intelligent manufacturing. From the recent development perspective, this formulation is correct, and is the only choice.

     Dong intelligent manufacturing equipment described in detail the development of special national project background. He said that the country specializing in strategic emerging industries established intelligent manufacturing equipment development projects, the central government took nearly 30 billion special development continued support. Special Intelligent Manufacturing started in 2011 the first batch has been implemented for three years in a row, by the central government aims to leverage and promote the application of intelligent manufacturing technology. Now has started to bear fruit.

     Dong said that the intelligent manufacturing special and other special biggest difference is that users and equipment manufacturers tied together, and even most of the central financial support to the user, so the user can take the initiative to adopt domestic intelligence equipment. The special technical equipment to solve the two major national long-term not solve the problem: First, a national policy on the first, sets of application problems has been difficult landing. The main reason is driven by the interests of users prefer to use the advantage of foreign products, China's equipment manufacturing industry from scratch, the foundation is not strong, R & D investment is not, and sometimes less able to meet customer needs. Users and equipment manufacturers bundled together to solve this problem; Second, the special areas of technology and equipment to solve the major national research funding has yet to special problems. State special efforts to support intelligent manufacturing continues to increase, the central budget in 2013 under pressure from 5 to 10 percent of the foundation on which a special increase of 25%.

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