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QT10 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine
QT10-15 Block Making Machine

Increase productivity   The higher the density of the product
More energy efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving of 30%.
Increase color paver device, produces a variety of color block paver

Block Making Machine Technical Data:

Vibration frequency: 3800-4500 (Times/Sub)
Total weight: 13800(kg)
Outside size: 11500×4050×2800(mm)
Machine power:45.2(kw)
Molding cycle: 15-20(s)
Press: 31.5mpa
Vibration force : 105KN
Pallet size: 1100×880×25(mm)
Molding method: Vibration compression molding                    
Stacker machine power:3KW

Block molding parameters:

Molding blocks
Hollow Block: 10pcs/ mold(390×190×190)
390×190×190   14400~19200 pcs/8hours
Solid Block: 51pcs/mold(240×115×51)
240×115×51    74880~88840 pcs/hours
Porous Block:24pcs/mold(240×115×90)
240×115×90        34560~46080 pcs/8hours
Color Paver block: 31pcs/mold(200×100×60)
200×100×60         44640 pcs/8hours
Molding cycle
1520s,Paver block:2030s
Vibration Frequency
Block Height
Total weight
Main motor power

Note: The above table is the theoretical yield calculated values​​. Molding cycle, production and raw materials, product type.
Main Features:
1. Uses Germany Siemens PLC control system and Siemens Touch Screen.
A. Visualization screen with easy operation;
B. Is able to set up, update and amend the production perimeters, to maximize the production output;
C. Dynamic display of the system's status, automatic trouble shooting and warning notice;
D. Has automatic-locking function, avoiding mechanical accidents caused by operational mistakes;
E. Is able to troubleshoot the machinery via teleservice.
2. Uses high-dynamic proportional and directional valves, which automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure as per specific working requirements, to buffer the hydraulic cylinder when working; uses integrated high-pressure and soft oil pipes, with easy installation;
3. The airbag cylinder is applied to absorb the vibration.
4. Uses multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks, and reduces the feeding time as well;
5. Integrated structure of vibrating and moulding platforms, which reduces the weight of the machine, and improves the vibrating efficiency;
6. This product adopts two motors to drive the vibrator through the transmission shaft without inconsistency so as to achieve the purpose of saving power.
7. Uses double-line aero vibration-proof system, which reduces the vibrating force on the mechanical parts, improves the using lifetime of the machine, and reduces the noise;
8. High-precision guide bearings are used to assure the precise movement between the tamper head and the mould;
9. Heavy-duty machine frame, which uses high-intensity steel and advanced heat treatment, is wear resistant.
Five Advantages
1.Frequency Conversional Control Technology
a) This automatic block making machine utilizes the frequency conversion control technology, keeping the precise and parallel movement between tamper head and mould and avoiding its deformation. 
b) With the frequency controlled vibration, the product gives proper control on the immediate start and halt of the motors, preventing the motor from overheating caused by long term operation. As the vibration efficiency increases, the production rate will rise correspondently. 
 c) There is 30% power saved by the product under the frequency conversional control.
2. Double High Dynamic Directional Valves 
a) Supporting automatic adjustment on the oil flow and pressure, this valve is used to protect the hydraulic cylinder from being damaged by inertia. 
b) It facilitates the stable production performance of the machine.
3. Multi-shaft Rotation at 360° and Compulsory Feeding 
a) The automatic  block making machine is designed with the feeding device rotating at high speed. The raw material can be blended evenly to make the blocks with optimal density and intensity. 
b) With uniform feeding, the product is available in utilizing different raw materials and moulds.
4. German Siemens PLC Control System, Touch Screen and Electrical Components
a) This product is configured with the Siemens PLC control system with high adaptability so as to make sure of its stable and reliable performance. 
 b) The visualized touch screen is characterized by simple operation.
c) The automatic block making machine introduces the Siemens electrical components.
5. Thermal Treatment on Moulds and Main Parts of the Machine
a) Aside from the heavy duty structure, the product also adopts the durable molds that feature excellent abrasive resistance. 
 b) The machine is proved with the hardness reaching HRC 52. 
c) The service life of the machine is prolonged by 50%.

Semi-Automatic production line

Automatic production line
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